A Landscape Designer Can Help You Visualize and Create Your Vision

If you want to transform your outdoor landscape, you have a wide range of options. You can work with Moscarino Landscape + Design, they offer design, installation and maintenance; garden centers that supply plants and other materials, but not do any installations; landscape designers who only do the designs and supervise the actual installation; and many other businesses, from irrigation system installers to masons, that can play a role in your project.

A landscape designer is a trained professional who can help you visualize and create your vision for an outdoor space. This can include a new driveway, retaining walls, walkways, patio and garden beds. The goal is to create a design that will suit your lifestyle, complement the property’s architecture and blend with its natural environment. In addition to creating and installing landscape features, a designer will provide recommendations for lawn care and maintenance.

Lawn care and maintenance involves caring for your yard, including mowing, trimming bushes, trees and shrubs, planting flowers and seedlings and identifying and treating plant diseases. Landscape maintenance also includes fertilizer application, watering and the removal of weeds. Landscape architects and designers have advanced degrees in their fields. They must be able to identify and understand the different types of plants, as well as their growth patterns and environmental needs.

When choosing a landscaping company, ask about its staffing and training. Find out if the workers are company employees or day laborers and who will be supervising them. Also, find out if the company has liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

Before signing a contract, read it carefully and ask about the company’s policies on keeping existing plantings or other property features undisturbed. Ideally, the contract should include a detailed drawing or drawings and notes with a description of each plant, how many will be planted, where they will be planted, and whether they are perennials or annuals.

The experts at Borst Landscape & Design know what it takes to make your outdoor living spaces functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe for children and pets. They can advise you on a wide variety of topics, such as how to select plants that will grow best in your area and how to create a lush green lawn without using chemical pesticides and herbicides.

A family-owned and operated business, Dom’s Landscaping offers landscape services such as landscape enhancement, four-season property maintenance and organic mosquito, flea and tick control. They can also help you install a pond, water garden or outdoor entertainment center. The company’s service technicians are trained to perform corrective pruning, stump grinding and tree removal. They are also equipped to handle weeding, mulching and flowerbed weeding. Customers recommend them for their fair pricing and quick communication.

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