Doors Are Essential To The Interior of a Home

Doors are essential to the interior of a home and can be decoratively or functionally designed. They define rooms and protect against intruders. They also enclose closets, bathrooms, and other spaces in the home.

There are many door styles to choose from to suit every decor and taste. However, homeowners should also consider the size and function of their home when selecting a new set. These are some of the most popular options to help choose the right fit.

Solid Hardwood Doors

A solid hardwood door is constructed of one or more wood boards that are fitted together. They are strong and can be stained or painted to match any design style, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who have a specific vision.

They also have excellent sound dampening properties. They are also long-lasting and do not conduct heat or cold.

These doors are very popular in commercial and residential properties. There are many wood options available, including maple and mahogany as well as oak, walnut and teak.

Panel Doors

These are one the most sought-after interior doors styles. There are many options. You can get one large or eight smaller panels that look like traditional doors, or you can choose modern styles that have decorative finishes or glass inserts.

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors cost less, are lightweight, and are easy to put in. They are a popular choice among mid-priced homes. They also make a good choice for those looking to improve their room’s sound insulation.

These doors are not recommended for exterior use as they can be easily pierced with a screwdriver, hammer, or any other tool, and they aren’t as strong as solid counterparts.

Another drawback to hollow core doors is their inability to block sound and they don’t last as well as solid wood. They can also be susceptible to warping or sagging due fluctuations in humidity.

You can also choose a higher-end, solid wood door. These doors often combine different woods, such ebony and maple, or can be made with solid oak or maple.

These doors can be fitted with a variety of hardware including mortise locks and locksets. They can also have electrified hinges that allow power to be routed through the door and into a mortise locking device.

They can also be fitted with an electronic keyless entry system that allows you to open the door without a key. This door is a great choice for those with children or pets, or just want to keep their doors safer than standard hinges.

There are also some unique styles of molded doors, which are not as attractive as solid wood, but they are less expensive and available in a wider variety of designs than their solid counterparts. These doors are great for budget-conscious homeowners who don’t want to spend extra money on doors that aren’t tailored to their individual design preferences.

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