Qualifications for a Commercial Roofer

A commercial roofer works on roofs of buildings or other structures, repairing or replacing them with new materials. This is an entirely different job to roofing a house, with its own set of safety and maintenance standards.

Qualifications for a Commercial Roofer

You need to be skilled in working with different types of roofing materials and installing and repairing them. This includes knowing the material’s durability and compatibility with building standards and codes, as well as the best way to protect interiors from the elements. You should know how to read blueprints, for more visite www.motorcityroofers.com

Other skills that you will need for this job include

Manual dexterity and Physical Strength, as well as a fear of heights are all important. You will be working at different elevations so you need to be physically fit. You need to have the strength to move heavy equipment, tools and ladders up and down.

Communication: You need to communicate with other construction workers and customers so that everyone understands what you are doing and how it will affect their building. You also need to know how to communicate effectively to complete the project within budget and on time.

Commercial Roofer have a variety of responsibilities that vary based on the needs of their employer and the type or building they are working on. For example a hospital will require more specialized materials and methods of protecting the environment surrounding it than a store or restaurant.

You must be able and willing to provide excellent customer service. Always be available in case of an emergency such as a water leak or fire. This will ensure that your customer doesn’t lose business because of an issue with their roof.


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